Welcome to P2G
lead by example

Welcome to P2G
lead by example

About Us


Power2gether is a socially driven online platform that motivates and incentivizes students with their teachers and mentors to collaborate on academic and co-curricular achievement. 

With our Impact Ecosystem - Recognize, Reward, Respect, Repeat - Students collaborate with teachers, coaches and mentors to verify their achievements in exchange for hard-earned points that can be cashed in for the stuff they love. 

Student performance has a direct impact on self-confidence and is one of the main predictors in post-schooling success.  P2G addresses the limitation in the market to offer a positive alternative that blends offline and online worlds. 

The significant value of tying together a student’s online and offline worlds by enabling each user to transform real-world accomplishments and community affiliations into meaningful resume items.  

P2G helps overcome crippling effects of self-limitation to build future leaders through empowerment. We want every 6th-12th grader to shine in their strengths and turn around perceived deficits. We partner with youth and the adults in their circles of influence to assemble resumes for life - a detailed chronology of accomplishments to be showcased for increased professional opportunities post graduation. These accomplishments can be tied to the user’s social media presence, enhancing the attractiveness of any candidate.  

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